Poor Mans Resistance Standard

DIY Resistance Standard box
For some time now i wanted to make a precession resistance box. Except the resistors I already had all the parts to build resistance box. Initially i want to make my own wire wound resistors but after some searching i soon found out it will be very difficult to make a resistor with high precession low drift.  After lot of searching for descent resistors i went with RX70-E.  The resistors i have  used are wire wound type RX70-E these resiostors have 0.01% accuracy and are 5ppm the main reason for using these resistors is their price. Datasheet of resistors can be found HERE.
I found a good post regarding the comparison of the resistors on a chinese forum  you have to use google translate to read the post. I have created 4 resistor boxes with values 1R, 1K, 10K and 100K
RX70-E resistor
I wanted to use the Vishay VHP100 series resistors but due to their lack of availability and high price i dropped the plan.
DIY Resistance Standard box
I have used small anodized aluminium enclosure with 4mm binding post for connection.

In the end i have used my Rigol 3068 multimeter to measure the values of each resistor and have marked the measured value on each resistance enclosure. I will keep an eye on the long term drift of these resistors. But their initial accuracy is very good.
DIY Resistance Standard box

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