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uCurrent eevblog
This device is based on original design by Dave Jones from eevblog. This device turns a normal Multimeter into a precise nanoamp/miliamp/microamp level measurement tool. Also this device put very little burden voltage while measuring current. The device basically consists of shunt resistor and precision op-amp. Details are already published by Dave on the working of the device link.
eevblog ucurrent
The primary use of this device to measure low current usage of MCU or some sensor. For a simple test i have used REF5050 voltage reference to generate 5V and with 90.1Kohm resistor in series set on my decade resistance box. The multimeter shows 55.45mV which corresponds to 55.45uA. The expected value is 55.49uA but then my decade resistor box is made up of 1% so the results are pretty accurate.
uCurrent eevblog

U can also connect this device to oscilloscope and see the current consumption of the device.
In the below image i have captured the current consumption of a blue led on arduino nano which is running blink sketch. LED is consuming around 20mA.
eevblog ucurrent
I wanted this unit for my workshop and since it was not available for purchase i decided to make one .As the design is open source i used the original schematics and did my own board layout. I had ordered couple of extra PCB to make some extra devices these devices will be available for sale from my webstore.

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eevblog ucurrent

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