Dual LIR2032 charger

DIY Dual LIR2032 charger

This is a simple and quick LIR2032 charger i have made using TP4056 board which is alailable easily and very cheap. As per the Datasheet of LIR2032 coin cell maximum charge current should not exceed 35mA.
The TP4056 module which i am using is designed for charging 18650 battery and it will charge the battery at 1.2A which is too high for LIR2032 cells. As per the Datasheet of TP4056 constant charging current is set by Rprog resistor which i have marked in the below image.
DIY Dual LIR2032 charger
As per the formula mentioned in the TP4056 datasheet i have recalculated the value of  Rprog resistor which comes approximately to 34K ohm
I have connected 2 cells in parallel so when 2 cells are used for charging the current will be divided ie around 17.5mA.

I have used a small plastic enclosure put everything together.
The original LED on the PCB were removed and external status LED were added to show the status.
DIY Dual LIR2032 charger
DIY Dual LIR2032 charger

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