Karcher MV3 Vacuum Cleaner Review

Karcher MV3

 Lately have been thinking on how to reduce the saw dust when working and also reduce cleaning effort after the work is over so I went ahead and bought my Minion . I think its a must for all those who do woodworking in small space. I did a lot of online search and finally decided on Karcher MV3. Karcher is a German company you can know more about it from the company website- www.karcher.com .
In terms of cost it is way cheaper than Bosch GAS 15 Professional and Skil 8715 dry/wet vacuum cleaner but it beats both the models in terms of specification. It costed Rs.6800 which is a great value for money. It has more air flow, pressure and holding capacity then Bosch and Skil also the power consumption is only 1000W when compared to 1100W(Bosch) and 1500W(Skil). Looking at the MV3 it reminds me of Stuart from Despicable Me and so I call it "My Minion".

Karcher MV3 Filter
Karcher MV3
Karcher has lot of models available all the way from MV1 to MV6 in the Indian market. Out of all these models MV3 suited my needs best. MV3 is the new model which replaces WD3.3, though you can still  buy these old models selling online. MV3 is based on new technology and gives the same performance as the WD3.3 but consumes less power 1000W (new MV3) vs 1400W (old WD3.3).
MV3 is the only model which has blower functionality while this functionality is missing in MV2 and MV4 . When it comes to saw dust and even for regular house cleaning blower function comes handy so its always good to go for the cleaner that has it.

Karcher MV3 Accessories

Karcher MV3 comes with basic accessories one crevice, one floor attachment, two extension tubes, and one flexible hose. Other accessories can be purchased separately if required. One dust bag and filter cartridge is also included. Though the MV3 can be used without the dust bag, I prefer using with the dust bag as it keeps the filter clean and extends its life.
Unlike Bosch and Skil you can find plenty of online stores selling dust bag, filter which are consumable and will require replacement at some point. It also has parking space on body to store all the attachments on the device itself, which makes it very convenient when storing the device.
It can be used for both both wet and dry cleaning, and the included filter as per the manual states can be used for wet cleaning. It has 17 litre dry and 10 litre wet capacity.

Karcher MV3 review

In the world where almost everything is made in China it was good to see that this vacuum cleaner is made in Romania. Build quality is excellent.

There are different variants of MV3 available internationally which give additional features like in MV3 P you can connect your power tool to the vacuum cleaner and the vac will start automatically as soon as you switch on the tool. Sadly here in India only the base model is available.


Air Flow
68 litre/second
Dry Capacity
17 litre
Wet Capacity
10 litre
Vacuum pressure
210 Mbar 
( 2141 mm of water column)

Karcher MV3 power review
Karcher MV3 power switch

Filter Bag

Karcher MV3 dust bag review
Karcher MV3 replacement dust bag pack of 5
I have also ordered the replacement dust bags when ordering for the vacuum cleaner, costing Rs.1200 for a pack of 5. The dust bags are non reusable, for Rs.240 per piece they are bit expensive.

With a simple modification you can make the dust bag reusable. All you need is a stick file and a piece of wire. Cut the bag at one end fold the piece keeping the wire in between and slide the stick in.
This will create a perfect seal. After this you can empty the bag easily by sliding the stick out.
This way single bag can be used till it gets torn out.

Karcher MV3 homemade reusable dust bag
Dust bag & Stick file

Karcher MV3 homemade reusable dust bag
Reusable dust bag ready

Karcher MV3 with homemade reusable dust bag
Karcher MV3 with dust bag mod

The hose diameter is 35mm and most of the power tools I own fit that size without an adaptor so making dust collection easy. I will be explaining this in details in my future blog. All in all its a great device to have we are already using it for day to day cleaning such as for curtains, under the bed and above the wardrobe. Before buying this I had my doubts but trust me a vacuum cleaner is a must if you have DIY interest like mine.
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  1. Best review i have got so far about this product.It made my mind to buy this product.Thanks

  2. I recommend cleaning of bag before sealing the dust bag, as the bag clogs with micro dust particle and affect the suction power. This can be done if you visit a Garage nearby and request few blows with 10/20 bucks. The garage blowers are high pressure and cleaning to be done with high caution, otherwise it will cost your dust bag.

  3. Really good product and value for money. Must buy without any second thought. By the way i really liked the idea of reusing the dust bag. I will try it now with mine also.

  4. Nice review and Nice MOD for the dust bag ... Just in case, a large scotch works just as well as a clipping tool ... (the famous 2 inches wide gray scotch ...)

    I'm 53 years old, and this the first vacuum I buy as new ! I wish I was 20 years old ... I would never have bought anything else for my appartments ...

    Just in case, I made another MOD : I made a hole on the handle where you put your thumb ... (about 1 cm) and now I can choose the power of succion ... with my thumb or a piece of scotch if needed ...

    LOL ...

  5. Can you tell me how is MV1 different from MV3? That's almost Rs 2.5k cheaper.

    1. Hi Sukhamrit,
      Apart from holding capacity i do not see any difference in both the models.

    2. Just from a review, MV1 heats up a lot as compared to MV3. Mine is WD3. I am not able to tell the difference yet from MV3.

  6. I killed my vacuum cleaner cleaning sawdust pretty quickly, thankfully it a was a cheap one. The problem is eventually the thicker sawdust clogs up the ports and fins and then suction drops to zero. Also cleaning out the dust bags is a major PITA. You should build a cyclone separator unit, it will greatly increase the life of the unit.

    1. I dont feel the need to install cyclone separator as 17 litre capacity is more than enough for my home use.

  7. Hi apoorv
    Got wd3 after reading this review
    I observed blower is always on when vacuuming. Or suction is on while blowing. Is it usual or a fault in my product?

  8. Hi,

    Basically I am looking for a dryer for my dog with with I can dry him after bath. I really like this product and the idea was to get something which can clean my house and at the same time it can be used for drying my wet dog after his bath is done.

    1) I want to know how good is the blower of this product?
    2) Blower air is hot or normal?

    Thank you

    1. blower is powerful.
      Blower air is warm not hot as it uses the same air to cool the motor.
      I will not recommend using it as a dryer for your dog instead use a Chamois Towel.

  9. Nice. I purchased one yesterday from Amazon, but little bit broken from bottom corner :( So I returned it. Performance of product is amazing.

  10. where did you buy this from ?? does the dust bag need to ne changed after every use..i.e. everyday ??

    1. I had ordered from Amazon.
      Dust bag can be reused as long as it is not leaking air.
      You can even use without dust bag.

  11. i was so confused about the models of wd3 and mv3 etc etc, best review and the pics helped a lot to see what we are getting. love the reusing bag idea. will def give it a try. thanks once again

  12. How long does the filter last ?

  13. I have a query, if I use wet suction,do i need to remove dust bag ??. If it automatically suck wet or Dry whatever come it way or we need to adjust setting ??

    1. yes you have to remove dust bag or else it will be damaged.

  14. I just bought this from amazon. Its amazing.

  15. Can we use this for dusting Sofa Sets and Mattresses as well ?

  16. Hi,

    I have accessories from my old, non-working Eureka-forbes vacuum cleaner. Can those accessories be used with WD3 ?

    1. I am not sure WD uses 35mm connectors you can measure your Eureka-forbes connectors or but an converter adapter for the same

  17. For how many normal cleaning sessions, will a single dust bag last? For a normal usage of times a week, what will be the monthly expenditure on dust bag and yearly expenditure on the filter? Is the filter called hepa filter?

    1. I cannot comment on how long the bag will last, as i hardly use it. Also it depends largly on the usage.Yes the main filter is a hepa filtet.
      You should consider buying vac with cyclone technology if u do not want to invest on dust bags periodically.