DIY UV-C Sterilizer Controller

DIY UV-C Sterilizer Controller

There was a great need for in-house sterilization for stuff and gadgets we carry around everywhere like mobile keys wallet etc. And due to CORONA-19 and Lockdown, I wanted to design something that i can easily make with parts i already had. So the design was made with keeping into consideration the parts like enclosure, power supply, MCU i already had with me. The design is pretty simple it is a ON timer with a door switch to detect and shut down UV-C lamp and avoid any exposure to humans.

The board was designed using Eagle on a weekend. I had to tweak the design so everything fits inside the enclosure that i already had. For setting the timer i have used a BCB thumbwheel switch. Board is designed to handle 2 digit BCD Thumbwheel switch but due to space and usage i desided to use only single digit to set the timer in minutes.

I am sharing the schematics so anyone can design and make their own controller.
UV-C Sterilizer Controller Schematics 

There are 2 LED to display the power and trigger status. For the power supply, I am using HLK-PM01 5V switch mode module. I wanted to use the capacitor dropper power supply for the design but as I did not have the x2 capacitors in stock I changed the plan. Apart from this there is a 5V relay that acts as on/off switch for the UV-C and a limit switch which detects the door open/close.

For tubes I have used Philips TUV 11W G11 T5 tubes which are 8-inch long these tubes are mainly used in RO water purifiers and the main ballast is also from Philips.

To connect the tubes I had to design a T5 holder which I designed in Fusion 360 and 3D printed them
3D printed UV-C T5 holder

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  1. Where do you get your PCB's manufactured? Also, which 3D printer do you own?

    1. Hi,
      I normally get PCB made form PCBPower.
      I have 2 3D printers Mini Kossel, and Creality CR-5 Pro